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Quality at Radiall

November 2019

Every November, companies around the world celebrate World Quality Day by recognizing the individuals who work in and contribute to quality. At Radiall, we are proud to have a worldwide team that is dedicated to keeping the bar high for the interconnect products we design, develop and manufacture.

For this year's World Quality Day, we wanted to hear from our very own quality teams. Keep reading to see what quality means to Radiall employees around the world. 

What does quality mean to you?

"Efficiently providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations." Mahantayya, Radiall Bangalore

"Quality is the lifeline of our company." —Radiall Shanghai Quality Employee

"Quality is not just one person or one group; it should be present in every role in the company. We all have different titles and requirements, but in the end, it's all about the customer's needs and expectations. Quality must start at the very beginning, whether that's through sales or the engineering departments, because that sets the groundwork for the future." 
—Bruce, Radiall Tempe

"Work without defect." Shiyappayya and Channesh, Radiall Bangalore

"To me, quality means I can only allow the best products to be delivered to our customers. Quality is making our customers more satisfied with our products."
—Radiall Shanghai Employee

"For me, quality is not a simple concept of an entire philosophy of excellence; it is a strategy that creates a model for the quality of an organization. This set of policies and standards are inclined toward customer satisfaction." 
—Francisco, Radiall Obregon 

"Quality is a virtue that I must not give up under any circumstances." 
—Radiall Shanghai Quality Employee

"Quality means confidence." —Gracy, Radiall Bangalore 

"Quality is not only for quality department. It is a mindset for everyone at Radiall. We ensure that products meet customer requirements."
—Radiall Shanghai Quality Employee

Radiall's Quality Awards

Year after year, Boeing, Airbus and ZTE have recognized us for outstanding quality and performance. 

  • Boeing: Performance Excellence Award 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 + 2018
  • Airbus: Industrial Excellence Award 2019
  • ZTE: Best Quality Award 2017 + 2018

Take a look at the other awards we have received.

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