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Q&A with Lemon

December 2017

Lemon started his career at Radiall 11 years ago as a process engineer. Lemon works to ensure that Radiall proposes the best products at the best prices.

Q.What is your mission at Radiall?

A.I’m involved in research and development for costing and cost reduction. It’s not as complicated to understand as it seems. My team is working on how to optimize the production costs of our products while keeping their high standards. In other words, to improve the gross margin of our products, we analyze the details of our product costs and identify possibilities for cost reduction, while taking into account the feasibility and the return on investment.

Q.What is a typical day like for you at Radiall?

A.It will come as no surprise to you to hear that I start the day by reading my emails! It’s a way of getting a first overview of how my day is going to be organized, and what our action plan for the whole day will be. Then, I always take time during the day to meet with my team. Sharing and brainstorming with colleagues is something we do a lot. We need to be fully aware of new trends in technologies, and share best practices and feedback with each other.

Q.What are the most pressing challenges you face?

A.My mission itself is a challenge! Cost reduction brings a deep competitive advantage, especially in the Telecom market in China. Even if we are the leader today, our competitors are always challenging us on the cost of our products.

Another challenge is to ensure good collaboration and communication between departments. Marketing, Sales, Sourcing, Quality, Manufacturing and production… all of us have a role to play in defining how our costs can be reduced. What we all have in mind is keeping Radiall at the top. And cost reduction is not only about the price of our products on the market. Rather it is more about reducing our costs while keeping the same level of quality.

Q.What are you most proud of?

A.Each year Radiall Shanghai attributes a “Best employee” award in recognition of an employee’s contribution to Radiall’s ambition and growth. Each department suggests a candidate and the managers vote to decide who the lucky person is among the 500 employees at the site. In 2015, I won that award for my participation in the growth of our profit margins. This was a great honor for me and I will always remember that moment. It’s part of my Radiall life!

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