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Powering the Future of Clean Energy

July 2023

Electrical connectors play a crucial role in the energy market, facilitating the efficient and reliable transmission of electrical power and signals in various applications. With the growing emphasis on cleaner energy, electrical connectors have adapted to meet the changing demands of the industry. There are three primary trends for the future of clean energy: renewable energy integration, energy storage and electric vehicles.

Renewable Energy Integration: Electrical connectors are essential for connecting renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, to the power grid. They enable the transfer of generated electricity from these sources to homes, businesses and industries.  

The main advantage of selecting connectorized versus traditional hardwired solutions is to drastically reduce downtime, installation, replacement and maintenance costs. Radiall manufactures a number of high power and high voltage connections up to 3600V/1200A. The PWBS / CP series features an anodized aluminum body designed specifically for harsh environments. Individually shielded multipole connectors are available to cope with the increasingly demanding EMI/EMC specifications.

Energy Storage Systems: Electrical connectors are utilized in energy storage systems, such as batteries, to enable efficient charging and discharging processes. They facilitate the connection of these systems to the grid or specific applications, helping to balance the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources. 

With this application, the availability of the system is of the utmost importance, and Radiall connectors can help create easy to replace power units that can be deployed and relocated upon need. Single-pole power connectors like the SPPC-PWL 2.0 are designed to provide reliable and quick connections for cable-to-cable or cable-to-equipment in electrical systems. 

Electric Vehicles (EVs): The adoption of EVs as a cleaner transportation option relies on efficient charging infrastructure. Electrical connectors are used for the safe and rapid transfer of electricity inside the vehicle, as well as for outside connections. With the rechargeable CVB 24-10 series, Radiall is able to meet the needs of utility vehicles and is ready to support a demanding and fast growing market.

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