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Radiall Obregón

November 2019

Located in northwest Mexico, Obregón is the second largest city in Sonora. It is a commercial center known for food production, and it is considered the granary of Mexico due to its large wheat production. A majority of Radiall’s production takes place at our Obregón location.


This site is known for its dedication to innovation, efficiency and continuous improvement. Three hundred employees have been trained and certified to use Lean Six Sigma tools, which streamline operations and maximize efficiency. In addition to continuous improvement, employees are committed to teamwork and meeting the needs of our customers.

The entire site participates in annual events, such as an open house, team sports, a Christmas party, Mother’s and Father’s Day festivities, CSR initiatives and more. One initiative they are particularly passionate about is making Obregón more environmentally friendly, one tree at a time. Their Destination Green team, composed of 30 employees and their families, has set a goal to plant 1,000 trees in Obregón.



Obregón has long, hot summers and short, mild winters with cold mornings. In the summer, it is common for the temperature to reach 40 °C (104.0 °F).


Obregón is located in a piedmont zone, which is a transition zone between the desert and the deciduous low forest. Some of the most common plant species are palo verde, mesquite, pitaya and cholla.

Beach Days

Known for its clear, warm water, San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas is the perfect destination for a beach day or staycation.


Less than two hours from Obregón is the city of Alamos, a traditional Mexican town known for its rich history. Walking down the cobblestone streets and exploring restored colonial buildings allows you to take a step back in time for a moment.


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