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Simplification is Our Innovation

Modular Attenuators up to 150 W

November 2020

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Radiall's range of modular attenuators are available from 30 to 150 W up to 6 GHz with Type N, SMA and TNC connectors. The high power attenuators feature an attenuation range from 3 to 30 dB. This comprehensive offer ensures outstanding performance and quality at a competitive price.

Radiall’s improved design concept utilizes aluminum nitride in the resistive circuit. Adding this feature improved the cooling capabilities of the coaxial attenuator’s core, which provides better aging performance and increases the device’s lifetime and robustness. It also reduces the overall size of the device for applications where form factor is essential.

Moreover, the design concept for this range of attenuators utilizes mechanical force to restrain the ceramic resistance against the module. This solution improves the life performance of the attenuators compared to common solutions that use compound or crimp.


  • Compatible with several types of connections
  • Excellent electrical performances up to 6 GHz
  • Possibility to use up to 150 W
  • Custom models available upon request

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