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Mother's Day Around the World

May 2019

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate moms around the world. From singing special songs to giving designated flowers, different countries have their own unique ways of recognizing mothers every Spring. 


In China, Mother’s Day is generally celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The traditional flower for children to give their mothers is a tiger lily. Many individuals use this day to honor Meng Mu, the mother of Confucian scholar Mencius. Meng Mu is greatly respected for placing so much emphasis on her son’s education, even going so far as relocating three times to give her son the best education possible. Additionally, some communities will join together to collect money for poor mothers. 


In France, Mother’s Day is typically celebrated on the last Sunday in May. Mothers are treated as guests of honor at a special family dinner, and sometimes they are presented with a flower bouquet cake to celebrate the occasion. Some families also present a medal, called Médaille de la Famille, to mothers on this day. This medal recognizes mothers (and fathers) who have raised large families, or mothers who have raised children on their own following the death of a spouse.


In Mexico, Mother’s Day is always celebrated on May 10th, and it is considered one of the most important days of the year. Traditionally, children go to their mother early in the morning to awaken her with a song called Las Mañanitas. Some families even hire mariachi bands to come and serenade mothers with this song in the morning. Many communities hold a special mass on Mother’s Day to honor the Virgin de Guadalupe, who represents motherhood.

United Kingdom

In the UK, Mother’s Day is referred to as Mothering Sunday, and it takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This was originally a religious holiday, where "mother" actually referred to the church you grew up in. People would visit the church they attended as children, and visit their mothers and grandmothers on the way to or from church.

United States

In the United States, Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Children present their mothers with gifts, such as flowers, candy, cards and more. Carnations are the most common flower for children to give their mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful moms around the world. You all deserve to be celebrated today and every day!

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