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Q&A With Monica

May 2019

Monica is the Lean Manager at Radiall Obregon.

Q.Can you tell us more about your current role?

A.Last December I started to work with Ildefonso Leyva, Vincent de la Forest, site quality managers and AMCO site coordinators to continuously improve corporate processes. Our mission is to promote a global culture of improvement for all Radiall processes, aiming to achieve enterprise excellence.

Q.What do you like most about your work?

A.My passion is contributing to the professional and personal growth of Radiall’s colleagues.

Q.What is a typical day like for you at Radiall?

A.My typical day consists of doing gemba* on the shop floor, exchanging emails with colleagues, leading team meetings, working on projects and researching continous improvements that can challenge us to face the future of our operations.

Q.What's the best advice you have for people wanting to pursue a career in your field?

A.My best advice is to understand the roots and values of the company you work for. As an associate, that will give you a deep purpose and sense of your position, as well as the company’s contribution toward continuous improvement. Nowadays, many enterprises' continuous improvement journeys are available for reading. They have common principles among them, but no story is identical because each enterprise decides how they will embody their beliefs, values and mission.

Q.What’s been your proudest moment in your career?

A.The proudest moment in my career was when we launched the Subassy Layout efficiency project in building 1. The project allowed us to improve the usable area by 60 percent. As a result of this improvement, in later years, OBR was able to install more production lines using the same space.

*Gemba is the practice of walking through the shop floor to see and understand processes to determine where value is created. Read more about gemba.

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