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Ruggedized High Density FO in Quadrax #8

May 2017
Ruggedized High Density FO in Quadrax #8

Q-MTitan™ Fiber Optic contact brings multifiber capability through standard #8 Quadrax cavity. The innovative design protects the widely used MT ferrule and provides a sealed and rugged interconnect for harsh environments. It extends Radiall’s offering of end-to-end solutions: from active optics to complex optical systems.

This unique series can withstand high temperature ranges and vibration levels, which enables the use of an MT optical ferrule in harsh environments.

  • Easy retrofit of single size 8 Quadrax cavity into 12 or 24 fiber optic channels
  • High density optical contact compatible with ribbon and round cable
  • Protection of the MT ferrule for a ruggedized and sealed optical connection on round cable
  • User friendly solution: insertion & extraction using size 8 tool
  • Convenient and efficient visual inspection and cleaning kits available

To meet a wide range of applications, Q-MTitan™ features several versions that fit into size 8 Quadra cavitites for a variety of multipin connectors, including: MIL-DTL-38999, QuickFusio™, NSX ARINC 600, EPX®, EN4165, and EN3545.

While fiber is one of the ways that airlines were able to reduce weight, Q-MTitan™ continues to optimize designs for space and weight considerations. It can be cited as an example of a new, high density product line that brings the ability to increase bandwidth while managing weight. 

For aerospace applications, Q-MTitan™ fielded with ribbon fiber or round multi-fiber cable offers a small, lightweight, and cost effective solution per optical channel.

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