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Mathias Pez on 10+ Gbps Transceivers

June 2017

Mathias is the Director of the Active Components & Solutions business unit. He manages the marketing, product roadmap, and design & development of active optics products.

The development of the 10 Gbps family was a respond to market demand. Bandwidth demands are rapidly increasing in all market areas. The availability of 10 Gbps FPGA Series (Programmable computing devices) is allowing designers to enhance their applications. With the bit rate increase, overall link performances are reducing. The main challenge that Radiall faces is to provide our customers with the highest performances for their demanding applications.

For high speed data solutions in demanding environments, Radiall’s new range of 10+ G transceivers offer benefits not currently offered through standard commercial telecom components. Several key features for improved link performances include a large optical link budget or low power consumption, and an extended temperature range or pre/post-equalization functions. The development process for this product was a cross team effort; Our L’ Isle-D’Abeau engineer team jointly designed the product family with the New Haven team.

“I’m proud of developing a product with world class performance. Our Radiall 10 Gbps transceivers are one of the best performers on the market.” – Mathias Pez

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