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Manufacturing at Radiall Obregon

October 2021

Today we celebrate manufacturing and everything it makes possible and accessible. Oftentimes, we don’t think twice about manufacturing because we don’t need to. We get to reap the benefits of manufacturing without seeing everything that the manufacturing process actually entails. For our customers, this means being able to order the interconnect products they need, when they need.

Last year on Manufacturing Day, we talked about our manufacturing plants in the US—at Radiall Connecticut and Timbercon. This year, we want to highlight our manufacturing plant at Radiall Obregon. Although this takes place outside of the US, the products they manufacture in Obregon benefit Radiall customers in the US and beyond.

Radiall’s manufacturing plant in Obregon opened in 2007, with two buildings. In 2009, a third building was added for plating. The plant focuses on products for the aerospace, defense, industrial and telecom industries. Nearly 90% of its manufacturing is dedicated to multipin products, with the remaining 10% dedicated to Rf&I, fiber optic and microwave products. Connectors, antennas, cable assemblies and switches are just a handful of the items made at Radiall Obregon. The plant is ISO 9001 certified, NADCAP accredited for chemical processing, ITAR compliant and clean industry certified.

Depending on the products ordered, it takes anywhere between two days and two weeks for orders to be manufactured and shipped to customers. OIS products typically take two days from order request to product shipment, whereas multipin products take closer to ten days because they must pass through three different workshops.  

We are always looking for ways to improve our processes and increase manufacturing efficiency. One way we have done this is through automation. Our plating area is 80% automated. We also utilize an automatic insert installation machine for a variety of products. This speeds up the manufacturing process and reduces errors.

What Employees Have to Say About Manufacturing at Radiall Obregon

Altogether, 615 employees work at Radiall Obregon. Every single employee plays an important role in our manufacturing process, and we are proud to have such a great team. We asked a few employees what they liked most about working in the manufacturing industry. Check out what they said.

''It's an exciting place to work! Knowing that manufacturing makes a significant contribution not only to our local but also to the global economy makes me proud to be a part of it.'' Silvia Lara, Logistics Manager

"Manufacturing: a marvelous journey to greatness. It is impossible not to feel challenged day by day; it is exciting to challenge the norm and develop new work systems daily. Basically, it is necessary to grow and learn constantly. This is what I like the most. Be great, be a manufacturer." Carlos Armenta, RF&I  Autonomous Unit Production Manager

"I like to be part of big things. For example, aircraft are one the best human creations, and I like knowing that I contribute to improving them and helping them work correctly." Jose Moreno, Plating Product Engineer

"I like how every position is part of a macro system that is composed of people with different skills, talents, knowledge and attitudes working toward common goals. I like how we're guided by the constant pursuit of operational excellence, by using lean manufacturing tools and 6sigma methodology, but also by leading with values in order to generate growth and satisfaction in our teams. Gustavo Leyva, OIS and Microwave Autonomous Unit Production Manager

In today's world, manufacturing makes the world go round. If you are part of the manufacturing industry, whether you are part of the Radiall team or not, we thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes. Thank you! 

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