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Making Connections with Students

October 2021

One of the actions of our purpose is contributing to local communities. Radiall employees give back to their communities in a variety of ways, from collecting supplies for local charities to raising money for a cause. Two employees at Radiall give back to their communities in a special way: mentoring students. Dolly and Aurélie are mentors for My Job Glasses and Job in the City, respectively. Keep reading to learn more about what they do and how they connect with students in their community.

Mentoring with My Job Glasses
Dolly joined Radiall in 2017 as a Product Manager in the Marketing Department at Radiall Château-Renault. She is a mentor with My Job Glasses, an online platform that connects professionals with students. Professionals fill out an online profile that details their tasks, qualifications and the training they have received. Students can browse the profiles based on the career path they are considering and send a message to the professionals with whom they would like to chat.

Once they connect, the student and professional can meet over a video call, phone call or at a coffee shop. The goal is to give students an opportunity to ask questions, refine their career choices and gain a clearer vision of the job that they might do later on.

Dolly decided to be a mentor because she remembers what it was like to be young and overwhelmed by career possibilities. She shares that she would have loved to know about this platform when she was a student because it is not always easy to get realistic insight into your future job when you only have a few months of work experience.

Students often ask Dolly what a typical day is like. They want to know how the courses they are taking in school translate into the working world. After connecting with Dolly, one student even found an internship as a Junior Product Manager. The student told Dolly, “I am less afraid of the working world now.” For Dolly, that’s what it is all about! She shared with us, “I strongly believe that the gap between school and industry is still far too wide. These two worlds are too far apart. So I am trying to do my bit to bridge the gap!”

Mentoring with Jobs in the City
Aurélie joined Radiall in 2011 as a Financial Controller at Radiall Centr’Alp. Since 2020, she has been working as a Financial Controller for the RF&I BU and the IDMM subsidiaries. She is a sponsor with Job dans la Ville, or Job in the City. This French organization pairs working professionals with students interested in a particular field. Rather than working with multiple students, sponsors at Job in the City foster an ongoing relationship with one student.

As a sponsor, Aurélie has mentored the same student for five years, since she was 16 years old. They play sports together, go to concerts, go on picnics, and more. Aurelie also provides her mentee with advice and practical help to advance her personal career. After walking through so much together, including the search for internships, summer jobs and career advancements, the student has become like a little sister to Aurélie. She serves as a bridge between the world and her mentee and wants to do whatever she can to open her mentee up to new possibilities.

Aurélie shared why mentoring her student is so important to her. “I’ve met several people over the last few years who have played a significant role in the choice of paths that I’ve taken, and who have helped me to become the person I am today. So I do all I can to be one of those people for my mentee. I think (at least I hope!) that the time I spend with her plays a role in her fulfilment and opens up new perspectives for her.”

We are so proud to have employees that are passionate about their careers and mentoring students in their communities. We all know what it was like to be a young professional diving into the working world, and having a caring mentor can make all the difference for many students’ professional journeys.

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