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Simplification is Our Innovation

Space Qualified Q-Band Products

January 2020

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

The space market is requiring more and more high frequency products. To provide an answer for Q-band space applications, Radiall is now offering space qualified products operating up to 52 GHz, including connectors, adapters, terminations and attenuators fitted with a 2.4 mm interface.

The 2.4 mm interface is compliant with the MIL STD 348A specification. Additionally, our products are qualified according to RAD-GEN-CONN-001 and RAD-GEN-ATCH-002 specifications, following a test plan similar to ESCC 3402 and ESCC 3403. Below is a list of the new product specifications:

  • RAD-DET-CONN-024 for male connectors
  • RAD-DET-CONN-025 for female connectors
  • RAD-DET-ATCH-017 for terminations
  • RAD-DET-ATCH-018 for attenuators

V.S.W.R. of a Space Q-Band Termination

Radiall also offers a range of Q-band switches and cable assemblies for ground test applications. SPDT, DP3T, DPDT, SP4T and SP6T fitted with 2.4 mm connectors are available with various options, as well as test bench cables that meet requirements for flexibility and phase and loss stability. View the part numbers for switches and cable assemblies


  • Operating up to Q-band
  • Straight and right angle adapters are available
  • Power dissipation for attenuators and loads: 0.5 W
  • 0 - 10 dB / 0.5 dB step and 20 dB attenuators
  • Excellent RF performance

Learn more about our space qualified components.

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