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Celebrating International Women's Day at Radiall

March 2019

Happy International Women’s Day! We are celebrating the 108th International Women’s Day (IWD) this year, and Radiall is proud to join in recognizing women around the world, especially those who work at Radiall. The theme for this year’s IWD is Balance for Better, which focuses on balancing all areas of the world (workforce, government, boardroom, media coverage, sports coverage, etc.) in regards to women’s rights and opportunities.

A Brief History of IWD

The first official International Women’s Day took place in 1911. This day was originally called International Working Women’s Day, as it focused primarily on fighting for working women’s rights.

IWD is a day to celebrate women around the world for the contributions, sacrifices and impacts they have made in their local and global communities. Furthermore, it is a day to evaluate the progress we have made in equalizing opportunities for women and reflect on the work left to be finished.

Celebrating Women at Radiall

Radiall is proud that 46% of all our employees are women, including engineers and integral members of our leadership. Additionally, since 2017, Radiall France has partnered with Elles Bougent, an organization that encourages young women to pursue careers in STEM fields. Fourteen Radiall employees in France serve as sponsors (also called godmothers) in this organization. They visit schools, answer student questions, share about their job responsibilities and grow young girls’ confidence in pursuing careers in STEM fields. We view this as one way we can invest in the female leaders of tomorrow.

In 2018, Radiall launched ConMdeMujer, an initiative that concentrated on empowering the women who work at our Obregon plant. The primary objective was to create a space that promoted female empowerment, developed professional skills and improved self-esteem for our female employees. Team members at our Obregon facility hosted talks and workshops throughout the year, bringing light to and discussing topics like domestic violence, handling stress and the importance of having personal projects.

Looking forward, we are seeking opportunities to continue celebrating the strong women who help make Radiall a leading supplier in connectors and more. From recognizing excellent work within our offices to going outside of our facilities to empower young women around us, we are excited to see how women continue impacting the future of Radiall.