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Interconnect Solutions at Space Tech Expo

November 2023

The 2023 Space Tech Expo was held in Bremen, Germany in November. This event brought together space industry professionals from across Europe and around the world to discuss the latest challenges and trends in the industry.

Radiall was one of 650+ exhibitors, showcasing solutions for a range of space applications and answering attendee questions. Our interconnect solutions have a proven record for satellite applications, providing reliability and performance in harsh environments. Continue reading to learn about some of the products we featured.

The T-Switch and other space switches are capable of operating up to Ka band with the best RF performances and excellent repeatability.

A new electro-mechanical space qualified switch was released earlier this year: Quartz-S. This SMT switch is designed for HTS or VHTS satellite payloads with redundant systems.

Our SMP-LOCK for space applications has a robust locking mechanism to increase the retention force and prevent accidental disconnection.

Q-MTitan provides a dense and lightweight solution with high optical performance. The product first launched into space in 2021.

Quick Install is designed for harsh environment applications with increased demands for reliability and ruggedness. This connector features a unique locking device system to ensure a quick, tool-less install on the panel.

If you have any questions about our design services or how custom solutions can benefit your next project, book a virtual meeting with a Radiall expert today.