Simplification is Our Innovation

SMPW, a G3PO™-compatible product

February 2019

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Leveraging its vast knowledge in micromachining, high-performance design, and measurement capabilities, Radiall is proud to introduce SMPW, a G3PO™-compatible product. Radiall's SMPW features a frequency range from DC to 100 GHz with exceptionally low VSWR as well as a host of robust improvements to satisfy market demands.

The telecommunications and defense markets are requiring smaller interfaces that are lightweight, robust and capable of higher frequencies/data rates. SMPW adequately fulfills this demand by providing a small form factor interface with outstanding performances.

SMPW architecture provides blind-mateable integration, and it can be utilized as Board-to-Board, board-to-module, multi-port or in cable assembly configurations. SMPW provides exceptional VSWR with a frequency range from DC to 100 GHz.

Radial misalignment is guaranteed up to 2.2° and axial misalignment up to 0.3 mm max.

SMPW is available with 2 standard detents:

  • Full detent: used when retention forces need to be high
  • Smooth bore: mainly used for blind-mate applications

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