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Drone Defense Technology

October 2022

In recent years, the UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) market has exploded. Technology has advanced significantly, and a wide range of unmanned aircraft systems have come of age. In particular, the emergence of drones presents a challenge to military and aerospace sectors. 

The Threats of Drones

Today, drones can be used for a variety of reasons, from carrying out search operations to delivering food services. Unfortunately, they are not always used for good. In fact, their most threatening usage is for military reconnaissance. Oftentimes, drone operators use them for surveillance and targeted attacks. They have the ability to collect data and transport information, which exploits the safety and security of military aerospace sectors. 

These unmanned, autonomous vehicles have left air traffic controllers, public safety officials, and front-line military commanders looking for new and specialized technologies to respond to the threat of UAV interference. But drones are now compact, easy to maneuver and cost-effective, which aids in their multiplication. 

The first line of defense against a threatening UAS is early detection and identification. But the small size and slow speed of drones are difficult to detect on radar. Monitoring the risk of collisions between aircraft and drones, protecting sensitive locations and enforcing drone laws is now compromised. 

Radiall Components for Drone Defense

As a result, new equipment is emerging with one goal in mind: countering any potential harmful use of UAVs. At Radiall, we acknowledge the threat level of drones and offer board-to-board and board-to-coaxial connectors that are compatible with counter-UAS applications. 


This proven card-to-card connection solution offers three coupling systems (smooth bore, limited detent, full detent), which facilitate the installation in radar systems. The SMPM is 30% smaller than SMP, saving space and installation time. These products can withstand up to 65 GHz and have a high axial and radial tolerance.  


IMP products address the latest miniaturization needs by offering higher integration density and lighter interconnection. Their solderless assembly is easy to use and simple to install. With minimal investment in equipment and parts, these small products still maintain frequency up to 40 GHz and low insertion loss. 


These connectors provide a safe connection in shock and strong vibration environments while being compact in size and allowing a high integration density. Their locking system provides a secure interconnection and maintains the performance of SMP and SMPM products. 

C-UAS technology is a relatively new field, but it is rapidly developing. Its capabilities have some limitations, so it is crucial to understand how these technologies can be deployed in a crowded airspace or above a densely populated area. When regulatory measures fail to mitigate the risk effectively, local law enforcement should have protocol adopted to guide tracking, detection and disruption measures. 

C-UAS technology will continue to evolve, and it will likely become an effective tool in the fight against drones. To learn more information about our drone defense technology and other products, book a meeting with an expert! All Radiall products are customizable to best meet the needs of our customers.