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Simplification is Our Innovation

SHF 3 UF: Ultra-flexible ka-band cable

December 2018

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

A leader in civil aircraft interconnection and RF cables, Radiall introduces a new cable in response to ARINC 791 and ARINC 792 requirements. This new, ultra-flexible cable is designed for Ku/Ka Satcom systems that require long-lasting solutions and reliability.

SHF3 UF is an ultra-flexible, Ka-band coaxial cable that meets ARINC 791 and ARINC 792 requirements.

Aircraft connectivity is a major topic for all airline companies. Full Satellite Communication systems use fuselage-mount antennas for both Linefit and Retrofit markets. These mechanically-steered antennas are constantly searching for satellites, which means they are always moving. This results in constant solicitation of microwave cables carrying Ka signals. As a result, cable behavior in dynamic bending becomes extremely important.

SHF3 UF is the perfect solution to secure antenna accuracy.

  • Ultra flexible for long-lasting performance
  • Ultra flexible for low bending force (#energysaving #weightsaving)
  • Ultra flexible for electrical stability
  • Ultra flexible for easy installation

Radiall delivers SHF3 UF cable assemblies with optimized performances in downlink (17.5 - 22 GHz) and uplink (27 - 32 GHz) frequency bands.

Available with SMA 2.9 and SMA 2.9 Self-lock* connectors, SHF3 UF assemblies are designed and proven to withstand the constant pressurization cycles and the harsh SWAMP (Severe Weather and Moisture Prone) environment of the aircraft.


  • Robust design and construction
  • Special seals prevent water ingress into the cable and connector
  • Compatible with OEM and Airframe requirements
  • Available for multiple airframes
  • Easy installation and maintenance

*Self-lock connectors eliminate the need for fastidious installation of lock wire, saving time and removing the risk of lock-wire-related FOD (Foreign Object Debris). SMA 2.9 Self-lock plugs are fully compatible with standard SMA 2.9 connectors.

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