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Customer Support Through the Years

December 2019

We have always been committed to providing exceptional support to each of our customers. We work closely with them to determine the best solutions for their applications, process orders quickly and get products manufactured and delivered according to their timelines. One of our clients is Boeing, and we have been supporting their applications for over 20 years. Recently, we had the past four generations of Boeing Account Managers* together in our Tempe office.

This role has evolved over the years, as Boeing is one of the largest aerospace companies in the world.  At Radiall, the Boeing Account Manager is the lead point on all things Boeing. From connecting Boeing professionals to Radiall experts to managing ongoing and special projects, he or she focuses solely on how Radiall can best serve Boeing. 

Dominique Buttin, COO of Radiall and former Boeing Account Manager, reflected on our milestones with Boeing. “Our journey with Boeing has been amazing. We started from scratch in 1995. 10 years later, we received the Supplier of the Year award. And 10 years after that, we became Boeing’s #1 Commercial Connector Supplier. This would not have been possible without the mutual trust we have built over the years between Boeing and Radiall. What new milestone will we reach in 2025?

Connecting the World

Working with clients in a wide variety of industries grants us the privilege of seeing how our products help connect the world in so many ways. With Boeing, we get to be part of applications and technologies that connect people all over the world through commercial air travel.

Maite Tristan, President of Radiall USA and former Boeing Account Manager, shared how this role gave her the opportunity to serve customers and the world. “It has been very fulfilling to learn from those who came before and after me in this role. It certainly allows you to be involved in serving our customers to the best of our abilities, and through them, we can serve our world. The technologies that we help develop and support make it possible for all of us to be connected to our friends, family and opportunities around the world.”

As we look back on the past generations of Boeing Account Managers, we are proud of the relationships we have cultivated and the customer support we have maintained. We look forward to supporting Boeing in the years to come and working together to create a better-connected world. 

*Pictured from left to right: Dominique Buttin, Maite Tristan, Justin Garrard, Jeff Reams

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