Simplification is Our Innovation

Radiall Around the World (Summer 2020)

June 2020

When COVID-19 began impacting companies and individuals worldwide, people's lives, routines and work schedules changed a lot. Employees have embraced our new normal with innovative ideas and products to support individual and community health. While prioritizing health at home and work, they have also stepped up to donate their time and energy to protect local communities and first responders. 

Innovating for Safety 

Employees at Radiall Obregon and Centr'Alp used 3D printers to create devices that can hold face shields for those who are required to wear them for safety measures. They donated the devices to local hospitals and authorities.

Thinking Outside the Bottle 

At Radiall Isle d'Abeau, when hand sanitizer became hard to find in stores, employees redistributed sanitizer into recycled miniature shampoo bottles. At Centr'Alp, employees donated hand sanitizer to local firemen.

Printing to Protect 

When employees at Radiall Château-Renault realized how many handles the hospital staff had to touch at hospitals in Tours, France, they designed, printed and donated "arm handles" to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

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