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Q&A with Charles

June 2024

Charles Populaire is a Global Account Manager and Key Account Manager at Radiall Centr’Alp.

What did you do when you first started at Radiall?

I was hired as a product design engineer at Radiall Centr’Alp to design a new hybrid connector for the telecom market.

Can you tell us more about your current role?

As Global Account Manager, I foster strong relationships with key stakeholders within a prime customer to understand their global needs and facilitate a strong relationship between them and our BUs. I am regularly engaged with their’ leadership and operational teams to ensure their satisfaction and address any issues promptly.

As Key Account Manager, I drive revenue growth from key accounts by identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities and ensuring the successful implementation of strategic initiatives. I develop and maintain strong, long-term relationships with key contacts to ensure their satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Can you describe your professional journey?

Over 17 years at Radiall and after starting my career in the microelectronics industry, I have progressed from managing R&D engineering teams to formulating global defense strategies. As a Defense Market Manager, I have promoted Radiall’s defense activities in EMEA and Asia Pacific and led the implementation of strategic market initiatives. Since 2020, as a Global and Key Account Manager, I have developed key mil-aero prime customers, leveraging my experience in sales, Radiall’s BU organization and client relationship management.

What has been the most interesting project you have worked on?

With the OIS and Multipin business units, we are working on implementing an end-to-end optical solution for a new onboard entertainment system that will offer passengers an enhanced and unique experience during their flight. For Radiall, this is a key opportunity to showcase our capabilities by delivering a comprehensive interconnect solution and introducing our NSX press fit solution for the first time.

How has Radiall adapted over the years to use products across markets/for different applications?

Radiall has continuously introduced new products tailored for different sectors, including space, defense and civil aerospace. Major new innovations have been developed and integrated into specific customer programs and then promoted for other applications and markets. One example is our solderless RF board-to-board solution that was initially developed to address telecom applications with a cost effective solution. Now this building block has been tailored to meet demanding applications in mil-aero and space.

What's the best advice you have for people wanting to pursue a career in your field?

Don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and create opportunities.

What’s been your proudest moment in your career at Radiall?

My proudest moment in my career was successfully building a deep, trusting relationship with my main client, despite navigating through immense challenges and crises together over the last three years. This achievement not only strengthened our partnership but also showcased the power of resilience and collaboration in overcoming adversity and aligning divergent interests.