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Cable Assembly Builder

May 2019

CAB is a cable assembly configurator that provides access to a large number of Radiall cables and connectors. This powerful application not only allows users to select the components they need, but it also builds custom documentation that calculates cable assembly performances at given frequencies. The technical data issued is based on the specifications you choose.

Go to the new Cable Assembly Builder


  • Identify PN configuration and TDS
  • Choose connectors and cable for assemblies
  • Select connector using series and model filters
  • Select cable using type filter (flexible, semi-rigid, etc.)
  • Calculate cable assembly performance (Loss, VSWR, etc.)
  • Build custom cable assembly TDS
  • Send RFQ

Note: CAB uses a combinatorial algorithm so that proposed components are permanently filtered by compatibility with already selected ones. Consequently, users can make selections in any sequence.


  • Improved navigation
  • ASIC error indicator
  • Connector and cable PN search field
  • Custom labeling
  • Change length on given configuration
  • Price requests up to 10 slots

Search Tip
Remove spaces, dashes, and periods. Enter the first several characters to obtain all values within a product family (ex: R125) or enter a complete part number to target a specific result (ex: R125069000).