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Board-to-Module Connectors for Telecom

May 2022

Board-to-Module (B2M) connectors connect printed circuit boards to another board or to a filter, so that RF signals can pass between them. For telecom applications, B2M connectors provide space, weight and cost savings. Radiall has manufactured over 250 million B2M connector solutions for telecom applications. Our comprehensive, cost-effective solutions include dynamic PIM and high-volume consistency (0 PPM). Learn more about our B2M connectors for telecom. 

Things to Look for in a B2M Connector for Telecom

B2B connectors for telecom applications connect the T/R (Transmit/Receiver) board and the filter or the filter and the antenna board. RF B2M telecom connectors should offer a large misalignment tolerance, blind mate connections, low VSWR, extendability for different distances and high-volume consistency. Additionally, there are some key performances that they should offer: 

  • Frequency
    Frequencies below 6 GHz are optimal for 5G frequency bands.

  • Long-term Power Handling
    This allows B2M connectors to work with stable VSWR/IL under the max power requirements. It also ensures that the connector maintains the recommended safety temperature (165°C) over its lifetime. The connector’s power is applicable only at specified frequency, operating ambient temperature and long-term conditions.

  • Low PIM
    Look for a B2M that minimizes the effects of PIM, which is the result of unwanted signals created by mixing of two or more frequencies in a non-linear passive device. Learn more about PIM.

PIM-MAX: B2M Connector for Telecom Applications

Due to the deployment of 5G systems, the increasing requirements for multi-spectrum densification are driving operators to add capacity while boosting network performance. As base station towers are increasing in height to allow for more coverage options, environmental factors, such as wind, can make it difficult to maintain ideal PIM levels. In non-traditional sites, such as dense urban areas, other sources of vibration can cause PIM issues. 

PIM-MAX is Radiall’s three-piece blind mate connector solution that features stable static and dynamic PIM 3 performances up to -160 dBc with 2x + 43 dBc carriers. 

Low PIM blind mate connectors with stable PIM performance under dynamic conditions are essential for telecom applications, such as FDD AAU/AAS systems. Radiall’s PIM-MAX connector system addresses PIM requirements and the greater utilization demands of 5G. This Board-to-Board, Board-to-Module, Module-to-Module connector solution provides a cost-effective and compact alternative to low PIM jumpers. Additionally, it can maintain stable PIM levels under harsh vibration conditions (MIL-STD-202G, Method 204, Condition A). PIM-MAX has a large misalignment tolerance (axial: ±0.8 mm; radial: 3°) that minimizes overall system costs and provides a robust swipe-proof interface, which reduces risk of damage during installation.  

If you’re looking for a custom or COTS Board-to-Board connector solution for a telecom application, we’d love to work with you. Book a virtual meeting today to talk with an expert about our B2M connectors. We are proud to offer ongoing and personalized FAE support to all of our customers, in order to provide a tailored experience to each one.