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May 2019

What does RoHS compliant mean?

In the electronic industry, RoHS is a common term and an important concept to understand. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. RoHS regulations restrict manufacturers from using certain hazardous materials when building electronic parts. Mercury, lead and cadmium are just a few substances restricted by RoHS regulations. These materials, as well as others not listed, pollute landfills, harm the environment and are dangerous when exposed during manufacturing and recycling.

Originally, RoHS standards only applied to manufacturers selling products in the EU market; now, many other countries have adopted their own RoHS regulations. These regulations hold manufacturers responsible for ensuring that all of the parts they produce meet quality and safety guidelines. 

Radiall is proud to design and manufacture thousands of product parts that are RoHS compliant. As RoHS regulations continue to expand, we will design new products to meet new standards.

Check the compliance status of Radiall products.

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