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RF Cable Assemblies

April 2019

RF cable assemblies act as transmission lines for radio frequency (RF) signals traveling from one point in a system to another (e.g., PC board to PC board, PC board to antenna, equipment to antenna, equipment to equipment, etc.). This cable assembly typically consists of RF coaxial connectors that are mechanically attached to a coaxial cable.

A coaxial cable is constructed in the following way:

This pairing of coaxial connectors and coaxial cables can form either a cable assembly:

or a single-ended assembly commonly referred to as a pigtail assembly:

Types of RF Cable Assemblies

There are a lot of variables to consider when designing RF coaxial cable assemblies:

  • Materials and construction
  • Connector types
  • Frequency
  • Electrical performance (impedance, insertion loss, return loss)
  • Shielding effectiveness
  • Environmental considerations
  • Mechanical considerations (size, weight, length)

Radiall has designed and manufactured RF cable assemblies for over 60 years. We offer many types of these assemblies, including custom designed solutions to meet every customer’s needs.

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