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Simplification is Our Innovation

New GNSS Antennas For Soldier Radio Applications

August 2018

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Combining experience in GNSS with demands for positioning applications, Radiall has developed a new offer of GPS L1 + Glonass Antennas for soldier radios. This new range is perfectly suited for radios requiring high GNSS performance and robustness with guaranteed reliability.

With increased demand for positioning applications, Radiall developed a new offer of GPS L1 + Glonass Antennas designed for soldier radios.

This range will meet several GNSS standards and is a GPS L1 + Glonass solution in one. The comprehensive offer will be available in two form factors (small and medium size) with electrical versions available (passive and active) for a total of four part numbers.

In terms of mechanical performance, the antenna is designed per MILSTD810G and is IP68 rated. The fully proven design will be entirely manufactured by Radiall and is guaranteed for reliability.


  • Multi-band Antennas covering GPS L1 + Glonass
  • Active and Passive Versions (10 dBic and -2 dBic)
  • Two form factors available (small and medium size)
  • Linear polarization
  • IP68 rated
  • Mechanical performance according to MILSTD810G
  • Complete design and manufacturing by Radiall

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