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5 Trends in the Telecom Industry

March 2023

While 5G is already several years old, its expanded roll out and increased usage is driving the telecom industry to find new solutions to the challenges they are facing. In 2023, there are five key trends that the industry can expect as industry professionals around the world navigate the changing environment.

1. Localization

The first trend that many are anticipating in the telecom industry is the localization of production. As we’ve all seen over the past several years, global events can impact supply chains on a massive scale and localization can help support supply chain continuity. It also helps to lower transportation costs and shorten lead times, which are both important to manufacturers and end users.

2. Thermal Management

With a need for higher data rates and faster processors, telecom applications are changing. With these increased demands comes a need for better thermal management, which is critical to the long life and reliable performance of telecom equipment. Without this, equipment could malfunction or even fail.

3. Higher Power

Massive MIMO typically refers to applications with 32, 64 or even 128 channels (as compared to the current 4 or 8).  With massive MIMO increasing the number of channels on a cellular antenna to enable higher bandwidth for 5G communication, more power is needed. The higher the power, the faster large amounts of data can be processed by the network.

4. Open Source

As 5G continues to rise in popularity and accessibility, open source software will increase the interoperability. The lack of compatibility is something that many companies have recognized, and by creating an open source software, there will be expanded opportunities for 5G OEMs and their applications.

5. Ease of Installation

As there is more demand on telecom professionals, many are searching for faster, easier installation of connectors. By reducing installation time, engineers, operators and other professionals can get the job done, get the cell tower or other application working and move onto the next project. Easier installation can also give more flexibility to expand when needed with more fiber, power and RF solutions.

Radiall Solutions to Support Telecom Growth

OCTIS, Radiall’s Outdoor Connector Transceiver Inside System, is a versatile solution with easy installation, tool-less assembly and good thermal dissipation capacity.

SMP-MAX is a miniature board to board/filter connector used in wireless telecom applications.

NEX10 is a miniature antenna connector series, available in screw-on or push-pull coupling, designed to meet the demands of small cell and 5G networks.

The TestPro product range offers excellent electrical performance, high mechanical endurance and resistance to wear and corrosion for testing 5G systems.

If you want more information about how Radiall’s solutions can support your telecom projects, schedule a virtual meeting with an expert.