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4 Ways the Industrial Market is Turning to Sustainable Initiatives

July 2023

Many companies and industries have recognized the importance of integrating sustainability into their operations and have established targets to drive their efforts, and the industrial market is no different. While there are many ways to incorporate sustainability into the workplace, these four trends are driving changes in the industrial sector.

Decarbonization: Numerous industries have committed to achieving carbon neutrality or net-zero emissions. This means they are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their operations and supply chains and offset any remaining emissions through carbon credits or other mechanisms.

Localization: Many companies, including Radiall, are establishing goals related to supply chain sustainability and producing or sourcing locally. This may include working with suppliers to improve environmental and social practices or ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Electrification: Companies in the industrial sector and beyond are setting goals to increase their use of renewable energy sources. Depending on the company and industry, these goals may include more electrification or more renewable energy to power operations.

Consumption: Consumption initiatives are focused on reducing waste and energy use. This involves implementing waste management strategies, promoting recycling and reuse, and adopting circular economy principles to minimize waste sent to landfills. They may also look at setting targets for water use intensity, implementing water recycling and reuse systems, and adopting water-efficient technologies. Many companies are reducing their energy consumption per unit of production, implementing energy management systems and investing in energy-efficient technologies and equipment.

These objectives reflect the growing awareness of the need to address these challenges and demonstrate the commitment of the industrial sector to sustainable practices. It will take innovation in technology, process changes, cooperation along the entire value chain and a commitment to sustainability to achieve industry goals. Radiall is looking forward to the future of connectorization and working toward our sustainability initiatives alongside our partners and the industry as a whole.