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Harnesses and Optical Systems

Radiall is a global leader in manufacturing high performance end-to-end optical solutions. Our offer includes high performance active optical devices and an extensive range of high quality optical interconnects.

We design high quality harnesses and complex optical systems to address customer needs and offer cost effective, optimal performance, easy to install solutions.

Committed to meeting delivery demands, Radiall has conveniently located AS9100 certified manufacturing locations that allow our engineers to interface directly with customers drawings and design systems for direct manufacturing, risk mitigation and optimized delivery time.

Typical solutions:

  • Active optical assemblies with optoelectronic devices and optical multipin connectors
  • Hybrid (optical & electrical) rectangular and circular connectors
  • Backshells and fiber management accessories
  • Hermetic connectors

Typical connectors for FO harnesses and optical systems:

  • EPX® EN4644 connectors
  • MIL-DTL-38999 type connectors with LuxCis® ARINC 801
  • LxC-R® connectors with LuxCis® ARINC 801
  • NSX ARINC 600 connectors


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