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Deployable Fiber Optic Reels

Ideal for Outdoor Harsh Environments

Timbercon’s deployable cable assemblies are available in a wide variety of cable colors and types, including distribution, breakout and rodent-resistant, with channel counts from 1 to 192. In addition, these assemblies are offered with different reel options such as manual crank with stand, powered or modular/stackable configurations.

Harsh Environment

Timbercon's deployable cable assemblies can be equipped with D38999, M28876, M83522, M83526 milspec or any other connector your application requires. We also offer ATEX or MSHA harsh environment connectors for severe duty industrial applications.

Standard Assemblies

Deployable cable assemblies can also be equipped with standard or COTS connectors that can be used for environmentally protected areas or more cost-sensitive projects.

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