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WildcatFMC Board

WildcatFMC enhances the modularity of FPGA boards equipped with mezzanine VITA 57 by providing a plug-in, turn-key, multi-channel optical interface. The FPGA board can achieve high-speed I/O for applications that require massive data-transfer without long and expansive redesign.

The core of the WildcatFMC board is made of 10+ G range D-Lightsys® optical transceivers, running up to 12 Gbps. The ultra-compact package of these components complies with the FMC standard form factor, even for boards handling 24 optical channels. WildcatFMC meets the military and aerospace environmental constraints and fulfills the MIL standard specs.

Several versions available:
• 4 and 12 full duplex channels
• 24 Rx and 24 Tx channels per board

Depending on the configuration, optical disconnect is provided on the FMC front panel through one or two MTP connectors, or through our C-MTitan quick disconnect.

• Up to 24 optical links
• VITA 57.1 and 57.4 compliant
• Front panel optical disconnect
• Air or conduction cooled
• D-Lightsys® technology inside
• Optical upgrade on legacy system
• Easy to integrate
• Cost-effective solution vs new hardware design
• For prototypes and demonstrators



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