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The S-Light range includes single channel optical transceivers for harsh environment applications, and it is available in transmitter, receiver and transceiver modules. Several package options are available, including surface mount, pluggable and custom packages.

  • Uses 850 nm VCSELs
  • Controls and monitoring compliant with SFF-8472 standard
  • Monitoring of the optical power over the temperature range
  • Built In Self Test (BIST) for better link reliability
  • Standard electrical SMT interface or pluggable interface option
  • Provided with 50/125 μm or 62.5/125 μm optical fiber

All the D-Lightsys® devices can be fully monitored and/or controlled through a I2C® wire serial interface and provide a variety of options:

  • Average and modulation currents of the VCSEL laser are both digitally programmable through the 2-wire serial interface
  • A versatile input stage allows 100 Ω differential or 50 Ω to ground termination resistors to comply with CML or LVDS signaling levels
  • Analog outputs allow the monitoring of the module state and performance

Optical Modules are available as Transmitter (Tx), Receiver (Rx) or Transceivers (Tx+Rx).

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