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The D-Light range includes multi channel optical transmitters and optical transceivers for harsh environment applications. It is available in transmitter, receiver and transceiver modules with 4 channels (4 Rx + 4 Tx). Several package options are available, from surface mount to pluggable packages.

  • Uses 850 nm VCSELs
  • Controls and monitoring compliant with SFF-8472 standard
  • Monitoring of the optical power over the temperature range
  • Built In Self Test (BIST) for better link reliability
  • Standard electrical SMT interface or pluggable interface option
  • Provided with 50/125 μm or 62.5/125 μm optical fiber

All the D-Lightsys® devices can be fully monitored and/or controlled through a I2C 2-wire serial interface and are suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Average and modulation currents of the VCSEL laser are both digitally programmable through the 2-wire serial interface
  • A versatile input stage allows 100 Ω differential or 50 Ω to ground termination resistors to comply with CML or LVDS signaling levels
  • Analog outputs allow the monitoring of the module state and performance

Optical Modules are available as Transmitters (Tx), Receivers (Rx) or Transceivers (Tx+Rx).

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