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Radiall manufactures and offers a full range of LC, SC and ST connectors, adapters and accessories compliant with Telcodia GR-326-CORE specification.

Each series is available in 2 versions that withstand the required environmental conditions:

  • Standard range for indoor applications
  • Ruggedized range specifically designed to perform with aerospace cables in harsh environmental conditions.

LC connectors and adapters are manufactured under the worldwide license from OFS.


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ST Series: F709:

  • Optical Performances:
    • Multimode, PC: IL: 0.25 dB / RL > 20 dB 
    • Singlemode, UPC: IL: 0.25 dB / RL > 50 dB 
  • Ruggedized version withstands : 
    • Temperature range: -55°C/ +125°C 
    • Endurance: 500 mating cycles
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