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Low Power Terminations

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Radiall's Low Power Terminations offer excellent reliability up to 3 Watts at 50Ω. This includes a broad range of connector interfaces, from DC to 67 GHz, according to MIL, DIN, NF and IEC standards.


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  • Power range from 0.5W to 3W
  • Frequency from DC up to 67 GHz
  • 50Ω Impedance
  • High repeatability
  • Compatibility with all standard connector interfaces: BMA, BNC, QMA, QN, N, SMA, SMA2.9, SMB, SMC, SMP, SSMA, TNC, 1.0/2.3, 7/16, 2.4mm, 1.85mm
  • Connector interfaces according to applicable MIL, DIN, NF and IEC
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