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REACH & RoHS Status

Utilize the search function below to check the compliance status of Radiall's products:

  • The presence / absence of SVHC above 0.1% w/w (REACH regulation article 33)
  • The presence / absence of RoHS substances above the homogeneous material threshold

 Cr6+ Manufacturing Process Information
 RoHS Exemptions 6 Information
 Recommendations for the use of articles containing Lead
 Recommendations for Cd plated connectors use
 Recommendations for the use of articles containing Dechlorane plus_CAS13560-89-9

If no status is available, please contact RoHS Support Center (Max limit is 100 part numbers)

To search, enter the part number (no dots, dashes or spaces).


Example Part Number: R404121000 -or- Wildcard Search: R125*

Print Certificate of Compliance
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Radiall’s P/N RoHS directive
2011/65EU & 2015/863EU
(exemption used **)
Non RoHS
Presence SVHC
> 0.1% w/W
SVHC identification
R124076450 Compliant (6c) YES (list 233)* 7439-92-1 (Pb)

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Remove spaces, dashes, and periods. Enter the first several characters to obtain all values within a product family (ex: R125) or enter a complete part number to target a specific result (ex: R125069000).