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Products Optical Connector

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      Part Number Part Name Datasheets
    F780463000 Curing oven (220V) ST/FC/SC connectors
    F780483000 Curing oven (220V) for LC connectors
    F780494000 Bloc for curing oven LuxCis
    F780495100 Curing oven for LuxCis (220v)
    F780496100 Curing oven for LuxCis (110v)
    F780503000 Resin injector for LuxCis
    F780504000 Pack for resin injector for LuxCis (capillaries)
    F780508000 Bag of 10 abrasive strips 12µm for LC and LuxCis
    F780527000 Set of cleaning papers
    F780538000 Premium Cleaning & Inspection kit for LuxCis Arinc801 (including hand held video display)
    F780539000 Cleaning & Inspection kit for LuxCis Arinc801 (without hand held video display)
    F780541000 Cleaning Supplies kit for LuxCis Arinc801
    F780552000 Box of cleaning papers KIMWIPES
    F780581000 Bag of needles for SC/FC
    F780584000 Set of cleaning tips (packaging 50) for ST/FC/SC
    F780585000 Kit of cleaning SC/FC/ST, (50 cleaning tips, cleaning paper, adhesive roll and bottle for alcohol)
    F780600000 Tuning tool for SC (PC or APC) pigtails or patchcords
    F780601000 Tuning tool for FC (PC or APC) pigtails or patchcords
    F780633000 Manual Polishing tool for LuxCis and LC
    F780652000 Microscope X100 (LC Fitted)
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