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    Part Number Part Name Datasheets
    R434712005 POWER DIVIDER 2W SMA 6.7-8.4GHZ
    R434713000 POWER DIVIDER 3W SMA 1-18GHZ
    R434714001 POWER DIVIDER 4W SMA 2-18GHZ
    R434714002 POWER DIVIDER 4W SMA 6-18GHZ
    R434714003 POWER DIVIDER 4W SMA 6.7-8.4GHZ
    R434718002 POWER DIVIDER 8W SMA6-18GHZ
    R434812001 POWER DIVIDER 2W SMA 2-26.5GHZ
    R434812002 POWER DIVIDER 2W SMA 4-26.5GHZ
    R435170000 SIGNAL SAMPLER: N 12.4GHZ 20-100DB Resistive loop probe. BNC coupled line
    R435270000 SIGNAL SAMPLER: N 12.4GHZ 20-100DB Loop probe. BNC coupled line
    R435470000 SIGNAL SAMPLER: N 12.4GHZ 20-100DB Capacitive loop probe. BNC coupled line
    R443131000 DC BLOCK: SMA 0.01-3GHZ 10W
    R443132000 DC BLOCK: SMA 0.01-2GHZ 10W
    R443134000 DC BLOCK: SMA 1-12.4GHZ 25W
    R443138000 DC BLOCK: SMA 0.8-10 GHZ
    R443141000 DC BLOCK: BNC 0.01-3GHZ 10W
    R443150000 DC BLOCK: TNC 0.01 - 5 GHZ
    R443151000 DC BLOCK: TNC 0.01-3GHZ 10W
    R443162000 DC BLOCK: SMA2.9 0.1-40GHZ 1W
    R443171000 DC BLOCK: N 0.01-3GHZ 10W
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