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    Part Number Part Name Datasheets
    R414550000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 50DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414560000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 60DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414700000 ATTENUATOR: N 0DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414700161 ATTENUATOR: N 0DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414701000 ATTENUATOR: N 1DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414701161 ATTENUATOR: N 1DB 8GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414702000 ATTENUATOR: N 2DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414702161 ATTENUATOR: N 2DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414703000 ATTENUATOR: N 3DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414703150 PRECISION ATTENUATOR: N 3DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414703161 ATTENUATOR: N 3DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414704000 ATTENUATOR: N 4DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414704161 ATTENUATOR: N 4DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414705000 ATTENUATOR: N 5DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414705161 ATTENUATOR: N 5DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414706000 ATTENUATOR: N 6DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414706150 PRECISION ATTENUATOR: N 6DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414706161 ATTENUATOR: N 6DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414707000 ATTENUATOR: N 7DB 12.4GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R414707161 ATTENUATOR: N 7DB 18GHZ 2W 50ohms
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