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    Part Number Part Name Datasheets
    R412713124 ATTENUATOR: N 13dB 6GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412714000 ATTENUATOR: N 14DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412714124 ATTENUATOR: N 14dB 6GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412715000 ATTENUATOR: N 15DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412715124 ATTENUATOR: N 15dB 6GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412716124 ATTENUATOR: N 16dB 6GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412717124 ATTENUATOR: N 17dB 6GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412718124 ATTENUATOR: N 18dB 6GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412719124 ATTENUATOR: N 19dB 6GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412720000 ATTENUATOR: N 20DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412720124 ATTENUATOR: N 20dB 6GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412730000 ATTENUATOR: N 30DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412740000 ATTENUATOR: N 40DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412750000 ATTENUATOR: N 50DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412803000 ATTENUATOR: 7-16 3dB 4 GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412806000 ATTENUATOR: 7-16 6dB 4 GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412810000 ATTENUATOR: 7-16 10dB 4 GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412820000 ATTENUATOR: 7-16 20dB 4 GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R413203150 PRECISION ATTENUATOR: SMA3.5 3DB 26.5GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R413206150 PRECISION ATTENUATOR: SMA3.5 6DB 26.5GHZ 2W 50ohms
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