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Microwave Components Products

      Part Number Part Name Datasheets
    R412419000 ATTENUATOR: BNC 19DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412419124 ATTENUATOR: BNC 19dB 3 GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412420000 ATTENUATOR: BNC 20DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412420124 ATTENUATOR: BNC 20dB 3 GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412430000 ATTENUATOR: BNC 30DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412440000 ATTENUATOR: BNC 40DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412450000 ATTENUATOR: BNC 50DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412500000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 0DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412500124 ATTENUATOR: TNC 0dB 3GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412501000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 1DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412501124 ATTENUATOR: TNC 1dB 3GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412502000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 2DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412502124 ATTENUATOR: TNC 2DB 3GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412503000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 3DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412503124 ATTENUATOR: TNC 3dB 3GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412504000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 4DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412504124 ATTENUATOR: TNC 4DB 3GHZ 1W 50 ohms
    R412505000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 5DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
    R412505124 ATTENUATOR: TNC 5DB 3GHZ 1W 50ohms
    R412506000 ATTENUATOR: TNC 6DB 2GHZ 2W 50ohms
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