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At Radiall, we believe that the solutions to some of the world’s challenges lie within us. Whether we are adapting to technological innovations or societal aspirations, we are committed to defining our own path to embrace whatever lies ahead.


Radiall 2025 is a corporate initiative focused on engaging employees at all levels by creating new ways of working and chasing out-of-the-box ideas that will help shape the Radiall of tomorrow.

Initiated in 2015, Radiall 2025 challenges employees to create an atmosphere that allows co-workers to make mistakes without fear of reprimand. It also encourages employees to boldly turn their dreams into reality. From quick-wins to transformative projects and inclusive experiences, this evolutionary model promotes enthusiasm, audacity and genuineness.


Our Five Pillars

The foundation of our transformation explores five key areas. These areas contribute to prioritizing our actions, inspiring projects and working hard to improve ongoing performance and team development.

Integration of "cobots" into our manufacturing processes
Green initiatives to protect the planet
Innovative software to streamline our operations
Meetings for sharing innovations
Programs and events to make room for ideas
Training to discover creative methods
An interactive vision of our processes
Improving the responsiveness provided to our customers
Training managers in values-based management
A mission to give life to our convictions on disability
The conditions for feeling fulfilled at work
Time spent together to create a bond
QR codes and RAD chips for faster access to information
Communities to connect with each other
The Digital Passport to support the transformation of our practices

Radiall 2025 in Numbers

We invite employees at all our locations around the world to participate in projects that embody Radiall’s values and advance company initiatives.




Radiall 2025 ambassadors in charge of promoting the initiatives at their locations


Internal surveys conducted to understand the perceptions and aspirations of the teams


Radiall Talks to promote our values


Working groups


Digital Ambassadors keeping employees up-to-date with digital advancements


Coffee breaks to discuss the company's transformation and challenges


Contributors to the group values

“Planta un arbol” initiative More than planting 50 trees, it is the authenticity of the moment and emotional sharing with the younger generation that makes us want to continue this type of initiative. Luis Reyes - Facilitator of the “Green Radiall” working group in Obregon, Mexico
Eureka! innovation innovation ideas What I like about this project is the possibility it gives all employees to take a moment, away from their department, to think about what could be improved in their daily lives, to make suggestions for changing things, and that all the other employees can vote on these ideas so the projects can be taken forward. Julien Foucreau - Member of the "Innovation room" working group in Château-Renault
Reduce our response time to offers I am proud that all the energy we put into this working group has been able to transform some of our practices in order to improve our responsiveness. For example, we were able to set up a pop-up on credit limit orders, we improved the level of information on late orders in SAP. All this with the sole aim of better serving our customers, but there is still a lot to do and we can only do it together. Céline Vazeux - Facilitator of the "Improving our customers' responsiveness" working group in Paris
Create, make, try, try again What is great with the FabLab is that it allows employees to materialize their ideas and all types of projects very quickly, independently and by collaborating! We discover and adopt new technologies such as the highly popular 3D printers that make it possible to perform complex things very simply. The fondness for the DIY philosophy and its benefits are growing! Florent Buttin - Facilitator of the "FabLab" working group Facilitator in Centr’Alp
FACTORY OF THE FUTURE The challenge is to discover innovative technologies and adapt them to Radiall's context. Cobotics technology as a whole increases flexibility while ensuring the safety of men in a workplace that is now shared. To make a success of this integration into our production processes, we have to rely on the support given to the teams implementing this change towards man-robot collaboration. Loïs Gleizes, Project Manager of "Factory of the future" in Centr'Alp

Shaping New Experiences

Our Verbal Identity

Our attitudes and behaviors mirror our values and DNA. That’s why more than 150 of our employees contributed to defining our values: who we are, who we are not, what gives us energy and what we could be in the future. Furthermore, we have converted our four values into managerial styles and day-to-day practices. To empower our teams, our managers facilitated workshops so each team member could define steps for transforming actions and enhancing values at all levels of our organization!
Entrepreneurship at Radiall

We are growing entrepreneurship at Radiall. We launched "Start Us Up," an internal innovation forum, in 2016. This 48-hour event allows employees to focus on a problem, present solutions and explore prototypes before testing and reshaping ideas. We encourage employees to become change-makers and coaches.
Radiall Talks

"I will not remember what you said, but I will remember what I felt when you said it.” We believe that emotions have a place in our company, and that’s why we launched "Radiall Talks." This concept was inspired by TED Talks: short and inspiring speeches that invite everyone to question their way of doing things. It is through these common stories that our employees make a difference. That’s how colleagues inspire their peers and strengthen the connection between us all!
Digital Mentoring

At Radiall, we believe that advancing our employees’ competencies and skills is a must. But we also believe in empowering our teams to conduct their own exploration. The Digital Ambassadors project is our train-the-trainer program to master new digital practices and accelerate our digital acculturation. The program gathers 100 employees who are interested in digital culture and have a desire to share it. Our digital ambassadors have organized hundreds of workshops at our facilities to discuss digital culture and teach employees how to effectively use social media. This ensures that employees understand the evolving digital landscape and how it transforms our practices!
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