Simplification is Our Innovation


At Radiall, we are very proud of our brand diversity, and it is our mission to ensure superior technical solutions to meet and exceed industry demands.

Our offerings reinforce this philosophy by expanding Radiall’s product portfolio, which enables customers to find the solutions they need.

In addition to the industries we have served since our beginning, we support the automotive, defense, rail and telecom industries to help connect people around the world.


AEP branded products are recognized for their quality and heritage within defense markets. Critical applications include military communications and radar systems, GPS, commercial and military avionics, remote sensing equipment and Test & Measurement systems. These products are highly reliable and an excellent option to ensure critical voice and data communications arrive as intended. Many AEP brand series maintain MIL QPL status and are perfectly suited for harsh environments and ruggedized applications.


With its D-Lightsys® range, Radiall offers optical electric conversion components dedicated to harsh environments within the aerospace, space and defense markets. The optoelectronic D-Lightsys®
modules are among the best performing globally, with very low power consumption and a minimum footprint. A complete range, from the transceiver to multichannel products, allows these devices to meet performance requirements in a large number of stringent applications.


Raydiall® is a joint venture between Radiall and ARaymond® to provide reliable connectivity solutions to automotive OEM customers. Solutions include high-speed data connectors, lightweight PCB connectors, low insertion force electric vehicle contacts and single-piece Fakra RF cable connectors. Raydiall® solutions are recognized for creating real value in the automotive sector and are key technological components of vehicles of the future. With an emphasis on new manufacturing technologies, the Raydiall brand is positioned with key OEMs not only for today, but for the future.


Radiall VanSystem designs and manufactures circular electrical connectors for professional applications and harsh environments to support a wide range of fields, including railways (in rolling stock and signaling applications), machine tools, automation, construction sites, research, power supply, extractive industries and plant engineering. In addition to connectors with screw or bayonet coupling complying with the MIL-DTL-5015 standard, Radiall VanSystem designs and manufactures non-standard interconnection solutions for special applications.


Timbercon, Inc. is a fiber optic product and solution manufacturing company that provides various connectivity solutions to the aerospace, defense, medical, data storage, telecommunications, industrial, broadcast and networking industries. As part of the Radiall Group, Timbercon will continue to elevate its commitment to stellar customer service and provide zero defect solutions to demanding markets.


Adding Solyneo’s technology to Radiall’s free space, high-speed data transmission solutions allows us to reach more applications. Solyneo’s expertise boosts creativity for future contactless connectors. Radiall continues to accelerate innovation by building a contactless interconnect solution that covers a wide range of free space power and data transmission solutions. This new offering will revolutionize certain aspects of interconnect solutions and give customers a new way to create value.