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6 Ways Radiall Commits to Quality

novembre 2021

Today is World Quality Day, a day dedicated to celebrating quality teams around the world and challenging companies to work toward better quality processes and standards. This year’s theme is Sustainability: Improving Our Products, People and Planet. Earlier this year we revealed our purpose, which speaks to our contribution to the world and the impact we wish to have. One of our priorities is the environment, specifically preserving the planet by questioning our practices and industrial processes and reducing our environmental impact. You can read about some of the steps we’ve taken this year to do just that.

Quality at Radiall

Quality is not just the name of a team here at Radiall; it is a priority that spans across the entire company. We are committed to quality in every level and aspect of business, from manufacturing to marketing. We reached out to two employees from our Quality team, Bruce Allison (Quality Systems Manager) and Alex Nicol (Quality Manager), to hear what they had to say about quality at Radiall. They shared six different ways that Radiall commits to quality. Keep reading to see what they are.

  1. Continuous Improvement
    Radiall's leadership drives all employees to innovate and participate in improving the company and its practices at every level. We are constantly looking for ways to optimize processes and reduce errors.

  2. Customer Connections
    While we are experts in connecting systems, we are committed to connecting with our customers. We are more than a company that sells connectors to customers; we educate and collaborate with customers to develop, implement and improve the products and systems that we bring together. Quality at Radiall extends beyond our products and into each customer relationship.

  3. Contract Review Process
    We have implemented a contract review process to ensure that we meet customer requirements and provide exactly what the customer ordered.

  4. Claims Process
    In cases where customers do experience an issue with their order, we follow an established claims process to resolve the issue quickly and prevent any downtime for the customer.

  5. Engineering Expertise
    Our engineering team plays a critical role in Radiall’s commitment to quality. They work directly with customers to design custom solutions for customers’ unique product applications. This personalized interaction leads to quality solutions for customers.

  6. A Team Mindset
    Most importantly, we act as a team at Radiall. Employees from every level of the company support quality from start to finish. From research and development to final product launches, quality is made possible by the commitment and dedication of every Radiall employee.

Today is an opportunity to look at our commitment to quality and challenge ourselves to consider how we can aim even higher to exceed customer expectations and industry standards. Happy World Quality Day!

Read our Quality Commitment.

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