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RF Connectors

November 2025

Radio frequency (RF) connectors are electrical connectors that work with signals in the multi-megahertz range. They prevent outside signals from interfering with the information passing through coaxial cables. These connectors also enable signals to travel efficiently and reliably.  RF connectors are used in a wide variety of applications, including antennas, Wi-Fi devices, radio systems and more.

Radiall is proud to offer the widest range of RF coaxial connectors in the industry, with over 13,000 part numbers and 55 different product series. We design and manufacture RF coaxial connectors for a wide variety of industries, including aerospace and defense. We also design custom RF connectors for your specific application.

Check out the list below to see some of different types of RF connectors we offer. Click on one to learn more about our specific products. You can also look at all of our RF connector offerings.

Snap-on RF Connectors
Snap-on connectors are extremely simple to mate and unmate. Additionally, they can rotate 360 degrees, which makes connecting and orienting a right-angle plug much easier.

Screw-on RF Connectors
Ideal for Test & Measurement applications, these connectors provide a robust connection with strong electrical performance.

Blind mate RF Connectors
Blind mate connectors feature self-aligning technology and are often used in applications where multiple RF connectors need to be mated simultaneously.

High frequency RF Connectors
A screw-on design and high-grade materials allow these precision connectors to experience longer life cycles and greater durability than other connectors.

Hermetic RF Connectors
Hermetically sealed connectors are used in applications that are extremely rugged and require a reliable seal in high-pressure environments. They ensure that no elements, such as liquid, air or gas, enter or leak.

Multiport RF Connectors
Multiport connectors enable higher interconnection density and reduce installation time.

Waterproof RF Connectors
Designed with sealing O-rings to prevent water ingress, waterproof connectors are suitable for outdoor and harsh environments.

Switching RF Connectors
RF switching connectors are PCB mount receptacles or adapters with a built-in mechanical switch function. This two-in-one solution provides a unique means of switching between two RF signal paths, typically between internal and external antennas.

Non-magnetic RF Connectors
These connectors carry RF signals through a magnetic field, and they are mainly used in MRI imaging applications.