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Products of the Future: Optical Interconnect Solutions

February 2035

When designing products for high-intensity applications, there are certain functional elements that are critical to take into account; as large-scale products and technology evolve, so too does the need for interconnect designs that will reduce weight and withstand rough and high-demand conditions. Within this world, optical interconnect solutions are increasingly in demand for a variety of applications, and Radiall is ready to meet those needs as we press on into the future of innovative interconnect design. 

A Spotlight on Optical Interconnect Products

The variety of products in this category is expansive and as such, provides a wide range of solutions for an even wider range of challenges. 

LuxCis® ARINC 801

The LuxCis® ARINC 801 product line provides a range of interconnect solutions. These products produce a high level of performance in high-stress applications, as they are commonly used in aerospace and military applications. Radiall has mastered the LuxCis® APC polishing process, which ensures optimal performance in aerospace and other harsh environments. With its high level of signal integrity and small form factor, the LuxCis® single mode APC contact is ideal for new optical sensing technologies such as interferometry or Fiber Bragg Gratings which require high-quality optical signals. These sensors are increasingly utilized, as the optical technology is not sensitive to electrical discharges, can accommodate high data rates with small cables, and can be implemented in difficult-to-access or environmentally challenging areas. Another feature of this range is that the same ruggedized contact fits all connectors and can accommodate virtually all cables used for aerospace and military applications making it incredibly versatile. 


Radiall’s Q-MTitan® series is a complete range of high-density fiber optic interconnect solutions for military, aerospace and space applications that supports the growing needs for optical links across markets. With its ability to support 12 and 24 channels, this series features innovative designs that protect an MT ferrule while providing ruggedized multichannel interconnects, all within one small package. The Q-MTitan® is designed to provide superb cable retention and sealing on round multi-fiber cables and can withstand high temperature ranges and vibration levels. This series is available in an individual kit or as a pre-terminated cable assembly which can be designed and constructed based on customer requirements. 


Our D-Lightsys® line offers unique transceiver components that convert electrical signals to optical signals and are perfectly suited to harsh environments for the aerospace, defense and space markets due to their durability. They are available in two (S-Light) to twelve channel (D-Light) options with a variety of Tx and Rx configurations and are used widely in defense and aerospace applications, such as radar, data processing, digital video transmissions and industrial data links. Their unique design is protocol agnostic and facilitates integration in state-of-the-art data and signal processing applications. A small package with a high-performance impact, these transceivers end the optical link at the board level and support a wide range of electrical and optical interfaces, such as LuxCis® and Q-MTitan® contacts. A complete range that includes transceivers to multichannel products, the D-Lightsys® series is among the best performing line of its kind in the world and combines high performance with very low power consumption and a minimum footprint. 

The growing demand for lightweight products that are durable, versatile and capable of withstanding rough environments is one that Radiall is more than ready to meet with our OIS product lines. Book a virtual meeting with one of our experts today to learn more about how our OIS products can be applied to your next project.