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Webinar Recap: Railway Technology Trends

September 2008

Radiall offers end-to-end interconnect solutions for the railway industry. If you missed our webinar about the different solutions we offer, read the recap below or listen to a recording of the webinar here.

Railway Digitalization

From roomy seating to a wide beverage selection, railway operators want their passengers to be as comfortable as possible. As our world becomes increasingly connected, comfort takes on the form of WiFi, streaming services and the ability to connect with the outside world from the inside of a train.

Radiall connectors are an integral part of rolling stock, allowing for multiple types of connections: power, signal, Ethernet and fiber. For example, our GM modular connector can be used for passenger control displays, WiFi connections, networking, light controls and diagnostic info for brakes, motors, doors, etc.

One challenge we have faced in digitalizing rolling stock is the lack of space to accommodate the new technology. To work around this, we place compact connectors between the train cars. We contributed to digitalizing the Orient Express, using VanSystem data transmission connectors.


Our connectors provide power to railway sensors, including brake sensors and fluid sensors. Sensors are extremely important when it comes to train-to-train connectivity. They can tell us how much life is left on a set of pads, if bearings on an axle are wearing unevenly, if there are any spring and shock issues or HVAC issues and more. Sensors let railway operators know that everything is running correctly, and they prevent failures from going unnoticed.

Video Surveillance

Radiall products allow train operators and owners to have advanced security systems, including passenger counting technology and even temperature measurement for oncoming passengers. This latter feature proved extremely valuable in 2020, as the world adapted to living through COVID-19. Additionally, advanced security systems can help prevent vandalism, a sad but common occurrence in the railway industry.

Green Transportation

In recent years, we have witnessed a global trend in favor of greener forms of transportation. The push for electric vehicles is making its way to the railway market, encouraging railway owners and operators to move away from fossil fuels and diesel fuels. In place of these fuels, trains can use liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen. LNG is an especially good choice for dual fuel locomotives.

When there’s a high concentration of people, it may not be possible to electrify the line for the locomotive to run on electricity. In this case, the rail system may use a battery alternative in combination with other technologies. CP power connectors are perfect for similar high current, high voltage applications. This explosion-proof connector allows for the use of power contacts to switch from the electrified rail to the alternative power source, protecting the people around the train.

Radiall is researching new and exciting ways to connect you to each other, to connect vehicles together and to provide for better, less wasteful and more efficient methods of transportation. Book a virtual meeting today if you have any questions about our products.