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Webinar Recap: Active Optic Interconnect Solutions

May 2030

We recently wrapped up our two-part webinar series about optical interconnect solutions. This first webinar covered passive optic interconnect solutions, and the second session covered active optical solutions. If you missed the webinar, check out a recap of it below! You can also listen to a recording of it on our YouTube channel.

Optical Products for Harsh Environments

Radiall’s active optical products are essential in transmitting data at the speed of light. The solutions we offer are predominantly used in defense applications for radar control, electronic warfare, headset, audio controls, video displays and cockpits. Their rugged design also makes them suitable for harsh environments, such as industrial applications like downhole drilling and sensors, as well as aerospace applications like navigation and avionics boxes.

S-Light is Radiall’s range of single-channel optical transceivers. Products are available in transmitter, receiver and transceiver modules. At 12mm x 13 mm, it is the smallest package available on the market. The devices feature very low power consumption, operating below 200 mW at 2.5 Gbps. This makes them idea for a variety of applications, including space applications where power is a premium.

D-Light is Radiall’s range of multi-channel optical transmitters, receivers and transceivers. The modules are available with 4 channels and often used in large bandwidth applications where parallel optics are desirable. These devices operate up to 28 Gbps per channel and are available in a 12-channel unidirectional transmit or 12-channel receiver. The power consumption is extremely low at 125 mW per channel.

40 G/100 G/400 G
Radiall offers 40, 100 and 400 Gbps solutions at 2/10/25 Gbps per channel. These solutions are suitable for demanding environments, and they are compliant with military specs.

Radiall provides end-to-end optical solutions, including transmitting, receiving and providing all of the links, interconnects and fiber from start to finish. We also have expertise with training kits, test kits, cleaning kits and installation fits.

Listen to the full webinar here, and stay tuned for more Radiall webinars.