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Expanded Interconnect Solutions for Industrial Applications

July 2035

When Radiall and Timbercon joined forces in 2020, we were able to offer a range of new and expanded solutions for markets like aerospace, defense, industrial and more, who all need fiber optics for their applications. In the industrial market, fiber optic solutions can be used in everything from manufacturing floors to mining to oil and gas. 

Connectors and cable assemblies used in these industrial applications often face harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, shock or vibration and debris. Ensuring that these components are protected from the conditions they encounter will improve the durability and reliability of the products, as well as reduce repair and replacement costs. To learn about these design considerations and more, check out Timbercon’s recent blog.

Industrial Connectors, Fiber Optics and More

Radiall and Timbercon attended Photonics West in 2022 and 2023 to show how our combined efforts will be able to better serve the industry. These are just a few of the many solutions that we offer that can be used in industrial applications.

By combining Radiall’s 70 years of trusted experience with Timbercon’s custom manufacturing solutions, customers are able to get the exact product they need for industrial or harsh environment applications.