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Quick Install Radiall

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Radiall, a global leader in design, development and the manufacturing of innovative interconnect solutions, has designed a slim shape connector for the multipin range: the Quick Install Radiall connector (QR).

Commercial and industrial applications face extreme operating environments that exceed the limits of traditional specifications. These harsh environment applications require connectors that can meet increased demands for reliability and ruggedness. Aerospace applications have faced these types of challenges as well, and the Quick Install connector ensures reliability in the most demanding environments. These connectors utilize technology that can benefit railway applications that  face connector reliability and maintenance issues.

Radiall designed this interconnect system with two tool-less mechanisms that save up to 80% of installation time compared to the legacy screwed connector:

  • A unique locking device system to ensure a quick, tool-less install on the panel
  • A slide lock, which has already been mastered and qualified on other product ranges, to ensure instant manual mating of the harness connector. The slide technology features visual indicators to guarantee that the installation and mating is secure.

The Quick Install Radiall is a lightweight and quick install solution that reduces harness integration and maintenance time. It can also replace EN3545 due to the same panel cutout. This new connector provides high performances, weight reduction and tool-less panel mounting and locking. It received an "Airbus Supplier Innovation Award" in 2015, which recognized the product's design, as well as Radiall's innovation and ability to understand customer expectations.


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Mechanical Characteristics

  • Saves up to 80% of installation time compared to EN3545
  • 15% weight savings compared to EN3545
  • 11 seconds to install and mate the connector
  • Tool-less panel mounting and locking
  • Interfacial sealing without contact
  • High density of contacts: 15,6 cm²/cts #22
  • Lightweight
  • Quick install and quick mate solution
  • Tool-less panel mounting and locking
  • PCB-to-cable
  • Cable-to-cable
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