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Types of Microwave Components at Radiall

July 2022

Radiall develops and manufactures a wide range of coaxial microwave components, including terminations, attenuators, couplers, power dividers, switches and custom components. Our range covers a wide frequency spectrum from DC to 50 GHz, as well as low to high power. We designed our line of microwave components specifically for military, instrumentation, telecom and aerospace applications.

Microwave components can be broken down into four main categories: terminations, attenuators, couplers/dividers and special components. Keep reading to learn about the different categories and the products we offer in each.

Microwave terminations absorb energy and prevent signals from reflecting back from unused ports. We offer low power, medium power, high power and platinum terminations. Our product line features excellent reliability from DC to 50 GHz, high repeatability and compatibility with all standard connector interfaces (BMA, BNC, QMA, QN, N, SMA, SMA2.9, SMB, SMP, SSMA, TNC, 1.0/2.3, 7/16, 2.4 mm).

Learn more about our terminations.

Attenuators are microwave components that absorb signals in order to control how much power is transferred from point to point. Like our termination offering, our attenuator series includes low power, medium power, high power and platinum versions. The platinum attenuators have the lowest VSWR on the market for instrumentation applications. Finally, the product line features attenuation values from 0 to 60 dB.

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Couplers & Power Dividers
Couplers are microwave components that reroute part of a signal from one transmission line to a different transmission line. They can only send signals one way. Radiall designs directional and hybrid couplers for RF systems.

While couplers take various fractions of signal away from a transmission line, power dividers split signals into equal signals. Radiall’s power divider solutions make it possible to split signals into 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 equal parts. Alternatively, power dividers can be used as combiners to take multiple signals and make them one.

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Microwave switches route high frequency signals efficiently. They are used in Industrial applications such as quantum computers, due to their excellent RF performances, easy integration in equipment and high performance at low temperatures. Radiall's SMA microwave switches are specifically used in these applications.

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Special Microwave Components
In addition to standard microwave components, we design custom detectors, rotary joints, DC blocks, signal samplers, monitor tees and phase shifters for military and instrumentation applications.

Learn more about our special microwave components.

If you need a custom RF microwave component, our team of experienced engineers will work with you to design the best solution for your application. Book a virtual meeting with a Radiall expert today.